May 5th, 2022
War against the Ukraine in the Ukraine:
Support for the Ukraine via the Ukraine-Embassy in Germany and humanitarian support from others
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- in German: direct link to the specific page of the embassy of the Ukraine in Berlin, Germany
German: Informationen in Deutsch - Krieg gegen die Ukraine in der Ukraine:
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April 15th, 2020
Born 100 years ago: Richard von Weizsäcker  (+ January 1st, 2015)
Unforgotten, R.I.P..

August 30th, 2012
Pakistan: An Avaaz-e-mailing: "Posted: 27 August  2012 This is a message from Misrek Masih, of Islamabad, Pakistan. Last week an enraged crowd threatened to burn my daughter alive, and in 48 hours a judge will decide whether she goes free or stays in jail. Rimsha is a minor with mental disabilities and often isn't in control of her actions. Yet local police here in Pakistan have charged her with desecrating the Koran, and we are afraid for her life. (...)
Avaaz-petition: To President Asif Ali Zardari: We ask you to ensure the safety and freedom of Rimsha, a mentally disabled girl jailed in Islamabad who has been accused of blasphemy, which can carry the death penalty. Please use your power to save this young girl and take immediate action to protect minorities in Pakistan." To assist the petition please go to this Avaaz-page. The young girl or lady should be given back to her family in the name of humanity. 

January 18th, 2012
@ the people of Egypt, the representatives of Egypt
and for public knowledge:

No death penalty in the Egypt revolution. The revolution should lead to an upgrade of the egyptian constitution, not to a downgrade.
No hanging of a 83 year old man who "chose to relinquish power to avoid additional casualties among innocent people" (Russian ministry of foreign affairs, among others).
Egyptian prosecutors concerned a few days ago that ex-President Hosni Mubarak should be sentenced to death.
As it was declared most clear and correctly by the ministry of foreign affairs of Russia Mr. Mubarak - among other arguments - "chose to relinquish power to avoid additional casualties among innocent people".
As I asked and pleaded for exactly this in some typings directly to Mr. Mubarak on one hand and published some ideas to avoid needless danger and resulting bloodshed on the other in direction to the demonstrators on my website, I do not hesitate to ask the people of Egypt as well as the current government and the judiciary to renounce from demands by Egyptian prosecutors for penalty of death - yes more: I ask for the alteration by the Egyptian prosecutors as well as for protests in the sense of  the listed thoughts.

One basic remark: Till today I have had different occasions to see good approaches in the politics of Egypt.
I would be glad if a transformation of the Egypt society up to a civil and democratic society would be successful. But if something new is becoming reality of a country it is not necessary to kill the representative of the old reality. Mr. Mubarak is over 83 years old, he is ill and he does not practice any kind of violent upset of the new chances that Egypt does have.
So Egypt should not hinder its own development. This is in the interest of Egypt itself, of it`s neighbors, which are 192 more states on this earth and - more special - it is important in relation to the "Arab spring" and the quality and the duration of the life of many, not only in Egypt itself.

And a very personal remark: In the end my efforts to save life would be part of the preparation to kill an old man who probably ruled as good as it was possible to him. It is out of my intention to kill somebody - it may happen nevertheless in cases of self defense or protection for others - but to kill somebody out of a sickbed or -chair is not included. Looking at the reality of Mr. Mubarak`s bearings it is possible that he acted in the sense of my typings - maybe he came to his decisions on another way, but anyhow: He tried to save life and did not use every possibilty of power that he could set in. So please: Look for a substantial new constitution of Egypt, for example by making a clear difference between the responsibility of the military forces and the police (more here), but do not try to begin a better future with needless cruelty.

One special word to the relatives of the victims: No one will come back to life by penality of death. A state does have enough possibilities to keep somebody arrested. (more here to the question of death penalty in general)

As I am interested in the success of my efforts, these thought will be part of an additional mailing to selected persons and institutions.

Thank you for you attention.

April 12th, 2011
As I wrote on my Fukushima-keyword list: "But of course, to handle that funny risks of atomic energy and atomic trash for tenthousands of years absolutely is no problem for us all. Great. " But I have to explain that stuff like this never should be taken as reality. So I support one more Avaaz-petition:
Germany: Energy Transformation Now!
Deutschland: Energiewende jetzt!

April 1st, 2011
Libya: A petition of Avaaz.org in relation to that woman, who came in to a hotel in Tripoli, told some reporters about beeing gang-raped by soldiers or mercenaries and was abducted by officials out of the hotel. What happened in the hotel could be seen world wide in television. Those were the last information (!) about that woman. The petition pleads for help by the government of Turkey. It can be read and signed here

March 25th, 2011
Rape: Ladies and gentlemen, criminal acts are criminal acts, what kind of contortion ever is in the heads of the actors and sometimes in the heads of the public. So I support one more Avaaz-petition. Please read and sign:

March 17th, 2011
I wrote and will continue (as necessary) a short
***** JapFukushima_keyword-list *****,
what actually can be important (!) to solve problems in relation to Fukushima nuclear disaster out of my view. I wrote several e-mails and facsimile in the last days. The effort now is more to publish concrete reflexion, more compressed and more complete,  in relation to actual need, which should be taken in to efforts by the involved. So the list is more a "brainstorm-result", it is and will be faster updated than my typings. I am no specialist, but try to see possible gaps in the known efforts. I studied social work (applied research of humane discipline) and trained consultings for some decades, to enhance hard situtations) Re-visits of that page are emphatically commended for center-or boarder-involved.
All my efforts base on the sense of a text - and no other, I wrote in review to efforts of many in relation to the big tsunami_2004, you can read here.

March 16th, 2011, 01:30 CET
Avaaz-petion to the just now meeting world security council at the UN:

UNSC:  L i b y a  No-Fly Zone A no-fly zone would be one important of more important parts to stop the criminal acting by Qaddafi's troups and mercenaries. If they would succed finaly, it would be no good wake up for people in Libya and not only there. Qaddafi should take - together with his clan - the private jets and look for a new home. This hint may change in content to no offer at all.

As used there is a proposed text, but everybody may mutate it or write a complete own. The language can be switched.

The petition can be signed "UNSC: Libya No-Fly Zone"
In German: Eine Avaaz-Petion an den soeben tagenden Weltsicherheitsrat zur Befürwortung einer Flugverbotszone im östlichen Teil Libyens. Eine solche Zone wäre einer von mehreren wichtigen Schritten um die kriminellen Gaddafi-Truppen u. -Söldner zu stoppen. Falls diese letztendlich siegen würden, würde es ein ungutes Erwachen, nicht nur für die Menschen in Libyen, geben. Gaddafi sollte das Land jetzt verlassen ....  Die Petition kann - wie vorformuliert - übernommen werden, aber auch verändert oder frei neu formuliert. Die Sprache kann umgestellt werden.
"UNSC: Libya No-Fly Zone"

March 15th, 2011
@ Germany-parties and citizens: What about up to 4 weeks of no-overheated-discussion of atomic- or disater-discussion, the current disaster is not in Germany but in Japan.
Maybe it would be better to understand the situation in Japan more and more, there is not only a proceeding atomic-disaster, but a tsunami-destruction as the Tsunami 2004 additional. The people over there work under condition of hardest stress and maybe they need our assistance. The discussion (typically including  elements of personal attacks with unreflected and no weighted emotions) can better (!) be done after clearing the current (!) actual real (!) problems. Our emotions and imbecility do not have to be the center of every question in the world.
Added at march 16th: Our politicans should have free hads to focus on Japan, too!; "by the way": There are "problems" in Libya, Europe has to do with, too, not only Europe, but not at very least. (arms!-trading! with a criminal moron)
But maybe Germany is more interested in playing games as with that minister, who
told by going "more than enough". I know a lot of Germans playing games as those for decades. Not everything is fun, criminal acts are no fun.

March 12th, 2011, 15:30 UTC, 2nd post: (+ upgrades)
Japan: There is an additional evacuation arround a second atomic power plant. In some more atomic power plants there are preparations to let out steam. There is no information how critical the situation is. At least they must have a problem to cool down the equipment.
I hope that every possible option to decrease is considered and set in praxis.  
Japan does have the central role in handling the situation, but it is absolutely essential, too, that  international experts can study the relevant values and account ideas and hints to solve the problems or to ease the strain maybe it is possible to deliver specific equipment. The basic problems are questions of cooling systems - the installed ones and those which maybe are or will be improvised.
Who says or beliefs that there is no time - for example - to order or to send equipment is not right, since yesterday many hours maybe have been given away in a situation where absolutely no time is for mistakes of that kind. (!)
Latest news: see on the right side of this page "External Links"
remark @ Japan authorities and people: It is absolutely no shame to have and feel trouble in your situation, the tsunami hit you very hard and normaly you should have the time to grief and build up your country again. My honest sorrow because of the dead, the missed and the suffering people and their relatives.
But there is a race between atomic power and humans, you and we have to win in shortest time and as far as ever possible. So ask for and work together with everybody who maybe can help in the specific problems. And please do it today, tomorrow it is maybe too late for many. Look forward, good luck and - most important -  best ability to act fast and with the necessary overview.

March 12th, 2011, 1st post:
Japan, possible or already proceeding core meltdown:
Unemotional catrastophe-formula:
Catastrophe x slow and/or minimum of well-informed and unprejudiced help = maximum of dead and suffering man.
Catastrophe x fast and maximum of well-informed and unprejudiced help = as few dead or suffering man as possible.
Every single saved human life is a gain, the fear of panic reactions by bulks if informing truthfully about the real danger can paralyze reasonable deliverance.
I belief it is highest thinkable time for !!! fast mass-evacuation  !!! as efficient as ever possible. The most efficient vehicles for mass-transports are t r a i n s (if they still work because of the earthquake), including those optimized for goods transport, managed under the conditions of state of emergency. I published some more concrete proposals to involved authorities by emails. (E-mails-text here)
Interesting for german readers: The distance between the center of atom-catastrophe to nearest (east-) border of Germany is more than 8.000 KM. (East-border of reunited Germany-Tschernobyl: more than 1.000 KM)
Temporary (?) information 13:40 UTC: There are informations that the steel-cover still is intact and is giving protection; additional sea-water is or shall be used to cool the equipment. Maybe the chance everybody is hoping for to slow down the catastrophe or to prevent a higher quality of evil.

March 8th, 2011
Libya: With the use of tactical aircrafts Gaddafi is far out of any acceptable action. Avaaz.org is appealing to the UN Security Council to "impose a no-fly zone to keep the government's warplanes on the ground". The petition can be signed at: "Libya: No-Fly Zone" (There is a proposed text, but everybody may mutate it or write a complete own.) You can read a copy of an e-mail by avaaz.org in this relation here.
In German: Gaddafi setzt Kampfflugzeuge gegen die eigene Bevölkerung ein, einen Hinnehmbarkeit dieses Verhaltens ist nicht mehr begründbar. Eine entsprechende Resolution von Avaaz.org kann unterzeichnet werden, es existiert ein vorformulierter Text, dieser kann individuell jedoch frei verändert oder ersetzt werden: "Libyen: Stoppen Sie das Blutvergiessen"

February 27th, 2011
Libya, @ al Gaddafi and his clan: It is high time to look for another state, that is ready to let you in, be happy if you find a small island and can live with few money. This would be much better than more useless and highly-criminal bloodshed and the consequences, take notice of the news and UN-Resolution 1970, not everything is comedy-stuff. Maybe this is the very last chance in your life and there are hours or days, only, to come to an own decision. It has begun with the misuse of weapons by you - in contradistinction to the rules of contracts. You are not really able to belief that this will be forgotten - but anyhow, what you belief or not, it never will be forgotten. Nothing more than just one example of more possible: No state in Europe will ever sell you an apple or let you come in again.
@ all who are with al Gaddhafi: You should take the very next chance to come out of this ill and dangerous loyalty - see next remark.
@ people of Libya: Good luck and best ability.

February 27th, 2011
Libya: The “human rights organization” called on Gaddafis units:
"Every policeman, soldier, and foreign fighters should be warned:There is no immunity, even if acting on your command. You have a duty to refuse illegal orders to obey." And: “The commanders and members of the Libyan security forces and all foreign fighters could be punished under international law because of the unlawful use of force and firearms. Accordingly, not only those, who have committed crimes face a criminal prosecution, but also the members of the control stations must expect punishment.” (Retranslated from German, source) Additional remark: Mob law has to omit by the protesters, too, also against mercenaries. To arrest somebody must be enough. The last remark substantiates  more in my worries than of known facts.

February 22nd, 2011
Libya: A campaign by Avaaz.org: UN: Stop the crackdown in Libya
There is a proposed text, but everybody may mutate it or write a complete own.
I recommend to support the campaign.
Another campain of Avaaz.org in relation to the protests in the near and middle east points to the backing by making secure ways of international information possible for the protestors by collecting money for satellite phones etc. Payment is possible via credit-cards or PayPal (at the bottom of the page). I belief it is a difficult decision, but anyhow, I point to this campain, too.
Blackout-proof the protests
Schützen Sie die Proteste vor der Informationssperre
added at February 23rd, 2011: By looking at what is going on in Lybia "the soup can come up again", everybody has to make up own decisions. (see above, for example)

timeless (?) remark:
To the USA, the UN Security Council, the European Union
and the Arab League: Which way to Middle East peace?
 (campaign by: Avaaz.org)
(But never forget by looking at the pictures above: The victims on the left picture are not at least victims of the provocating actors: The terrorist-arm of the Hamas and their sponsors.
This doesn`t make the facts better - so the repoinsibility of Israel is actual and urgent real in the face of nonreversible misery and death, too. Who is owner of a gun can shoot or not.  But one more time: no human of honor will first shoot at a feisty state and then look for own security by misusing children in a hospital as a protection-shield.

Ferbruary 11th, 2011, 16:21 UTC
Egypt: The  president, Mr. Husni Mubarak, steped down as president.
I hope this will be a good day for the whole population, including Mr. Husni Mubarak, too. Whatever he did in other relations right or wrong, I know he is somebody who prevented at least one war. My personal thanks and my respect for this.
My respect to the protestors, too, who were free of violence themselfes - maybe with single, but no leading exceptions.
A good present and future to Egypt - and maybe you recognice a line out of a poem:
"Do not forget those out in the cold and dark."
My condolence to all related of the dead.

Ferbruary 11th, 2011, 15:49 UTC
A hint to the demonstrators in Egypt: Please take high care that no one out of your group, who maybe is out of control because of what reason ever, does something brainless in relation to questions and realition of secureness, sanity and clear and responsible acts.
I was demonstrator sometimes in my life and I see it as constructive to talk with maybe one or two, maybe of higher position, of the official security-ordered (if possible, but politeness may bring you one step further) and if necessary to calm down single people of the own group or smaller groups inside your group. And this is exactly the same as I would talk about with the security-ordered, maybe otherwise they would be or could become nervous themselfes. (And confound you as an aggressor in the end).The official security-ordered are humans, too, of course.
Till now your protest was unbloody from your site.
What I want is that everything happens without any (!) blood and any (!) dead persons in your country, without any exception. Thank you for your attention.

Ferbruary 11th, 2011, 10:30 UTC
Protesters in Egypt Hope for Help from the Military
Answer of Egypt military forces leadership in my own translation:
"We will guarantee and protect free elections." (news currently in german language: "Militär kündigt freie Wahlen an" via this link)
(Some additional and more rambling remarks including poetic-political cits here. Maybe interesting for the protestors, too.)

Ferbruary 11th, 2011, 09:37 UTC
Egypt: The constitution of Egypt prescribes that new elections have to be realized if and after the president of Egypt should step down (I am not absolut sure in the concrete conditions, but this is my actual but not absolut sure knowledge.)
So it seems to me that the alternate is to prepare new elections under maybe good and controllable conditions - in relation to bloody safeness - or to live with or to agree to a temporary (?) military government. A peremptory question is how a military government should be build up or, more in a specific, but not unimportant, view, if this might be possible without a bloody phase.
I point to the terrible and thinkable fact that this would mean that people in Egypt would loose their life, maybe their health, only (!?!), irrevocable.
Sure is that there is life before the death, and life sometimes does have more than two options. If there is a third in this relation, I would be pleased to see it - if you can help me please do not hesitance to let me know.
In every case: I am worried and I do hope that the best will be done by the complete people of Egypt, without any (!) exception.
Of course from their neighbor - arround 192 other states and their representatives, too.

February 2nd, 2011
A solidary petition with the people of Egypt by Avaaz.org can be signed:
"Stand with the people of Egypt as they demand democratic reforms!"
and in german language: Beistand für die Menschen in Ägypten
My worries bend to those who are in maybe useless danger and need.
A conversion ruled by sanity is the need of the hour everybody (!!!) should respect.
Everybody in the streets as well as Mr. Mubarak.
In this relation I wrote some hints to politicans who can take influence.
I am no friend of any bloody action or torture of any kind.
added on February 7th, 2011:  The death demonstrators in Egypt: Link1 and Link2

September 11th, 2010,
Dear citizen of the world,
1. Mr. Noman Benotman, former a confident of Osama Bin Laden, Terror-Organization Al Quaeda, wrote an open letter to Bin Laden, which belief is worth to read: More in English or in German.
2. S.African court blocks Bible burning - News in English and German - an example to modify the law worldwide, in relation to every book that is considered as holy by any religion, wherever necessary ?!. My choice: Yes.

September 8th, 2010,
Dear Moslem,
because of the annoncement of  a single and silly person to burn some copies of the Koran on 9/11/2010: My personal believe is that not a book is the holy thing, but maybe the sense written down in it. Important is that no troublemaker in this world can burn a sense.
Nevertheless: My weighting is that the anounced burning of copies of the Koran is not only useless, it is more silly than humans should be.
But this weighting is present all over the world, including the United States of America, too.
So please: Give peace a chance. A lot of people are interested in peacefull living together on our (!) small planet.
And: As a member of the western part of the world I bag for your patience.

August, 23rd, 2010:
International and time limited job advertisement here at cloudjumper net:
Pakistan - the humans there in danger of death - currently need around 40 helicopters for a few month, only, more than the currently working to fit the absolute basic needs.(source: UN World Food Programme, WFP) (@USA  & Arab Emirates: Respect for help like this. :-) )  So these helicopters have to been procured, set in with or without pilots from other states or set free inside Pakistan itself as far as ever possible.
Every person and/or state who does provide a solution, will earn my respect, yes more: his or her self respect.
And a hint to pakistan authorities: Of course every solution does need your readiness for responsibility and ability to ask for, find and accept creative solutions very fast and for a short time.
The political formula of success is: If many people are willing to be part of a solution and they are working in a  good coordinated direction they can solve this problem. And the people and states in need must help the helpers and themselfes. That is the meaning of social work.

August 18th, 2010
or - in German - Bündnis Entwicklung Hilftinfo and list of aid organizations
I additional argument for the additional insert of international militäry logistics without needless delay by some typings. For basic principle jump here or here in German -> "an Organisationen und politische Krisenreaktionskräfte")

August 11th, 2010
an appeal to russian authities of a father who has lost his daughter forever against sexual slavery of russian girls and women. The Appeal is supportet by Avaaz.org and it needs the assistance of as many people as possible: Ask Russia to stand against rape  (In German: Russland: Kampf dem Vergewaltigungshandel)

January 24th, 2010:
I added a translation of a text, originally in German, to
reflecting possibilities to help in case of big catastrophes.

January 15th, 2010:
Because of the last earthquake on Haiti I put this simple link-webpage online:

August 11th, 2009:

Avaaz-org: "Burma: Help Justice Defeat Tyranny.
To UK and US Governments and the United Nations Security Council:
We call on you to condemn the cruel conviction of Aung San Suu Kyi to another year and a half in detention and to immediately take steps at the United Nations Security Council to create a Commission of Inquiry to investigate and hold the Burmese regime to account for crimes against humanity." You can sign this petionat at Avaaz.org 
(in German: Deutsch-sprachige Uebersetzung hier auf 2cj.net)
Personal comment directley to the military dictatorship, its actors and profiteers in Burma: Be assured I would enjoy the life more completely without you.

August 8th, 2009:
UN mulling top official to fight sexual violence   (in German)
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday demanded global action to stop government forces and armed groups from using sexual violence. 
My comment and questions: Thanks to Ban Ki-moon. What kind of progress do groups and forces as mentioned above bring to the human society? Really impossible to stop such sexual violence in reality? Who (!) would not help?  Who is sponsering such groups, who is able to cooperate with them without using the total influence and power to stop this crime effective in reality?

June 16th, 2009:
My congratulations and respect to Mrs. Kyi at her 64th birthday.
I am sorry to say that at this time it is a deep shame for the humans on this earth that she is hindered in her freedom and - as a bash in the face of every positive orientation - even is imprisoned.
It is sure for me that Mrs. Kyi is one of the best.
I am absolutely sure, too, that a lot of brainy people do think the same way.
People, authorities and states should use their influence to improve the situation or they make themselves accomplice. More - some states and organizations - this means every member - should rethink, if their silence and sufferance till now really is a respectable way in the face of the truth.
Some states do suppress their own best because the worst do build the government.

May 22nd, 2009:
Please support this Avaaz-petition:

Free Aung San Suu Kyi!

Freiheit für Aung San Suu Kyi!
and read this responsibly statement:

Security Council wants Myanmar's Suu Kyi released

Sicherheitsrat fordert Freilassung von Suu Kyi
@ Myanmar-government: Maybe the decision of the visitor of Mrs. Kyi was guided by emotions. only, and not really by an international plot. The words of the security-council do show the right direction to handle the situation.

March 19th, 2009:
1. A new petition by Avaaz Org:

Free Burma's pro democracy prisoners

To: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
(Petition in german language: Freiheit für Burmas politische Gefangene)
Add: March 24th, 2009: UN rules detention of Myanmar's Suu Kyi illegal
(In german language:UNO: Hausarrest von Oppositionsführerin in Birma illegal)

2. "Pope, in Africa, Says Condoms Aren’t the Way to Fight H.I.V." (source)
Remark in the question of condoms, not only in Africa: Condoms sometimes can be the borderline between life or death, health or sickness. They simply are vehicles to begin and to practice responsibility in relation to the partner and to themselve - and to clear the own decision in these questions including the fact to make the own decision visible. They can save lifes - so they are allowed, of course.
Only very (!) few humans are on this earth as a child of a female virgin and the male equivalent of a virgin - and many of those who are young today maybe will not have the same partner at the end of their life - whatever anybody wants or wants not.
Of course the pope is right by saying that the spiritual evolution is the most important, but it is better to save an existing life than to misshandle it.
Those, who are bidding for the use of condoms in the face of a mortal or at least heavy epidemic are doing right.
Avaaz-petition: "Pope Benedict: Help Us Prevent AIDS"

January 25th, 2009:
incidental remark @China (actual) and @all states with death penalty: I bag you to rethink it .... (more here)

January 18th, 2009:
15:00 CET: Congratulations and best health for this new born child:

"Hamas announces ceasefire in Gaza" after "Israel declare an unilateral ceasefire"

@all: may the human sanity spread more than epidemics ever could on this earth.
@all fathers and mothers and helpers of this: Thank you.
@all: And - the child that first is called ceasefire and later on peace has to be protected by all humans, organizations, states and religions of good will. "Peace on earth often does need more than one father and mother", helpers, too - nobody (!) is excluded.
01:00 CET: Some accompanying thoughts to the international summit at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt of today:
I do wish all the representatives a good hand and a wise view for a peaceful today and tomorrow for all the people in the Middle East area.
Peaceful means: Every party has to stop to fire any dangerous missile and to go realistic steps to a two state solution from today, in the near future and till it`s success.
It is requested that Israel will not be provoked and that the Palestinian people take their chance to build up a peaceful state in good neighborhood to Israel as well as Israel should provide this process with unreserved ability.
All peace oriented states are requested to support this process in multiple ways and to bring this solution from vision to reality
To live in an area, which is home of some of the most important religions on this earth is truly not the only, but very surely an important and serious challenge to find a peaceful way.
Wounds can be added too easy, so prevent yourself and - if necessary - your brother to add more and more to the endless chain of violence. We - the humans - have to stop it.
Respect the vote of the UN Security Council. (Some of my more detailed thought are already transmitted to the government of Germany, who will be at Sharm el-Sheikh today.)
May your way be good for you and (!) others.

January 11th, 2009:
The primary recipient of the following text is the Hamas-organisation, but it is dedicated in sadness to:
1st: the people in the Gaza Stripe and
2nd: to the people in Israel
It is NOT dedicated especially to violent ignoramuses whatever other they believe and declare to be and wherever they live!  Those first have to look for a turnaround in mind and - important for others - behaviour, if they are still acting.
Some open words to the Hamas: Some days ago I heard a commentator who guessed or believed that you party or organization is both, a terrorist actor but a social party or organization, too.
So I want to declare the following: It is believable that you do see reasons to be angry and more emotional in that direction. But on this earth never will peace if nobody accepts authorities represented by persons and - I think both is necessary - laws and justice. It is sad to say but even this does not work ideal in every question and every second of life.
But there truthfully is no alternative that the wise and human-friendly respect the law and justice.
What your area maybe needs is your respect of these realities and additional - for a period of time a third authority beneath your organization and others and the people e.g. in the Gaza Stripe on one hand and Israel on the other.
This could be a board build up in the UNO that will escort a peace process in reality. A fair persons as a member of this board could be for example Mr. Butros Ghali.
The urgent needed agreements of clear content have to be build because the adherence has to be verifiable by the board mentioned above.
Please move to the right direction. Dying humans including women and children surely are the wrong direction.
Of course engagement of the “western world” in these questions is needed, too, but I surely believe that there is good will. War or peace as fast as possible - what is your choice? To fire rockets to Israel or stuff like this surely is no peaceful way.
And please repect and come to consequences: Your organization is not able to give a lost life back to a child that dies because of your or others activity. Simply nobody can do it. It is as easy and as difficult. It is your responsibility and real chouice not at least and maybe at first. Please see also the other texts on this page (www.2cj.net) in relation to these questions, too.
It is your choice to read it, to to weigh it and to find a better trueness if this is possible in reality - not in dreams or emotions or what ever. I have done all the very best I am able to.
Thank you for your attention. 
I do have no possibility to write to you directly, so persons, organizations or states who take notice of this text are solicited to bring it to your knowledge. (Additionally to publish it at www.2cj.net this text was sent to some selected recipients.)

January 10th, 2009,

The control of the border between Gaza Stripe and Egpt is central element of progress in the right direction in the Middle East. A peaceful organisation of the people in the Gaza Stripe, with progress in their inner-state welfare (yes, this has to be done), mediators of good neighbourhood with authority for both sides (!) are absolutely essential and as a future oriented politic by Israel and the USA is one of the demands. Courage for peace by the or some Islam oriented states is the other - at least one is needed.
I do wish a little more than all the very best to the mission of Mr. Steinmeier as the Foreign Minister of Germany (which started today) , I wish fortune in the interest of peace as the essential base of life in the Middle East, too.
A stable peace process can`t be done by the conflict parties only, it does need guardians in both spheres, too.

January 6th, 2009
Is it possible to build up a demilitarized or exclusion zone in or outside the Gaza Stripe?

January 5th, 2009 (The ill Middle East)
The text from January 3rd - see “questions with key-potential” below -  was written some hours before Israel started the military activity on the ground.
But the - out of my sight - central truth in this text is NOT relativized by that what happened.
Speakers and persons who work for (or sometimes against) or sympathize with the people in the Gaza Stripe often declare that Israel may have military success but can never kill the proudness of the Palestinian.
Let me say something critical about proudness out of my sight: It is alright and healthy if somebody is proud about - for example - a well done job or something done well in inter-human-relations.
But proudness can be a poison for the spirit, too. (A remark of the psychologist C.G. Jung) For example, if you are too proud about yourself - maybe as a member of a group - that you do not recognize the interest in living of somebody outside your own group. My believe is that it is a mad and dull mistake to fire rockets out of a social group to a state like Israel (or any other) and believe, or declare, that such dangerous nonsense is good for the own social group. This is nothing but a secure way to blow up misery.
But for a conflict there have to be at least two parties, so: What about Israel?: Failures on the side of Israel are well labeled by the former UN-Secretary Mr. Butros Ghali, who sounds a little sad and frustrated in these questions. ("a little sad" is diplomatic language: the truth is: he could cry all day and night)
I am sure that nothing other than a two-state-solution under the regulation of the  ***** rules of good neighborhood (!) ***** can bring peace to the Middle East.
(If you are in doubt if it is good to publish critical remarks in direction to Israel from Germany, be assured: I am too)
(One of ...) The involved parties want peace in the Middle East?: What about a telephone-call to Mr. Butros Ghali to offer him the position of a member of that board that will escort a peace process in reality - without rockets, killed and killing humans and with real progress for both sides. Or does anybody belief this all can be done without “a little help of your friends”?
Do the telephone call from any of the involved parties, publish it - loud enough - and a serious chance for peace in shortest possible time has build up “out of the nothingness”. No dead human can be made alive again - but the living can be guarded to die before the nature of life gives the personal end.
And one additional remark: Do you think that the rest of the world simply has to live with what happens in the Middle East in the last centuries and today and tomorrow? The past and present is a shame for every culture and for every religion and philosophy on this earth. The actual reality on this earth has to be build by humans - not by gods or devils. It is our dignity or shame.

January 3rd, 2009
One of the questions with key-potential in the Middle East seems to be the following: Who or what in the “Islam-oriented” part of the world can bring the Hamas to sanity. Or stop their violence-lascivious behaviour. Is there anybody out there?
Your activity is requested. If anybody doesn`t know a better way or wants to declare via this webpage - he or she is invited. Please simply write an email. If you are asking for progress in the sense of peaceful interest of the people in the Gaza Stripe: The same request and offer.

January 1st, 2009


Petition to the UN Security Council, the European Union, the Arab League and the USA:
We urge you to act immediately to ensure a comprehensive ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, to protect civilians on all sides, and to address the growing humanitarian crisis. Only through robust international action and oversight can the bloodshed be stopped, the Gaza crossings safely re-opened and real progress made toward a wider peace in 2009."   sign petition of Avaaz.org

December 31th, 2008
Armistice in the Middle East, the 2nd:
- Israel should declare itself binding about the question what will be the perspective of the opening of the Gaza Stripe after an armistice out of it`s sight and which board can and will escort with authority. (see the text below)
- The Hamas should declare itself about the question who will guarantee that an armistice woul not be misused to import the next generation of rockets into the Gaza Stripe.
Out of my sigtht these questions have to be answered to give an armistice and a following peace process a realistic chance.
Both sides can be sure that a lot of people are more than tired about the violence in the MiddleEeast. 
No - it is not done by looking at the own social group only.
Yes - both parties have to give statements in relation to the interests of the other.
My sympathie to every victim - but let me say additional: Nobody is thankful for such a “Happy New Year”.

December 30th, 2008 (modified: 1/11th/09)
One constructive element of an armistice in the Middle East could be the installation of an authority for the conditions and (!) the realization of the armistice and the peace process - accepted by both parties, but independent, too.
And this authority should have part of the power in both parties - it is not possible to bring the peace from outside, only. But it is possible to support this from outside - best with authorities from the “world of the Islam” and the rest of the world. Or are both parties too blind to come to a realistic coexistence of two states in good neighborhood?
By the way: A lot of humans are ill because of that, what some allow themselves in the name of their religions. No question - the story of the Christianity is not free of it, but I hear voices in relation to the Islam and to the the Jewish Faith, too.
Can it be a good way to bring shame to the own religion in the global world, in the face of good and social intentions and beliefs in the own religion, in the face of the own conscience, in the face of (your or the only) god? What is about those who have another religion? No humans? No right to live? Or the challenge to find a balanced way of living together or as neighbours?
Back to the dangerous facts: to fire rockets never can be an act of protest, only. Nobody can have full control over a fired bullet - not the Hamas, not Israel, not anybody. Dead humans are the consequence - including dead children. And that on the backgrond of any religion?: No.
December 28th, 2008
My personal and own message between Christmas and the New Year for the people in the Middle East:
What can stop the present violence within hours - or at least in very short time?: A statement of the Hamas Organization or the people in the Gaza Stripe, synchronizised with a statemen of the Iran, that they do want a serious peace-process together with Israel - for example under the leadership of a board of the UNO. (Or at first without synchronizisation by one of the three.)
Of course the people in the Gaza Strip had to ensure that no more rocket is fired in direction to Israel and that no suicide attacks will be realized or allowed.
In the consequence - I am confident, and this surely would be supported in earnest by others, too - Israel will stop the present military action circumventing.
My belief is that every statement, that doesn`t aim to a peaceful coexistence in the middle east, is nothing but ignorant and the birth of one more base for violence - if anybody will accept it.
My sad sympathy to every (!) victim of violence. But violence hast to be stopped and the "live and let live rule" hat to be set into practice to break the otherwise never ending chain of violence. If both parties of a conflict do not accept a common   moderator and true authority, it is more than difficult to do something real constructive.
Friendly and worried remarks to every potential victim in this real world:
Maybe it is shy to think about the questions if a foolish-voice or some foolish-voices want to bring you into a war, or to victimize you, or bring you in brainless and heartless danger, where that all is good for nothing else than troublemaking for nobody other than the foolish-voices itself.
Sometimes it is better to think and ask yourself about first: the relevant facts and secondly: consequences, instead of believe too uncritical what others want you make to belief. Truth is not only the first fictim of war - lies mostly are part of the harbingers. And sometimes escape is better than useless confrontation, in some cases confrontation is better - but it should be verbally and not bloody, and sometimes it is senseless to speak with people who insist on their own ability to foolish lies.
For me it is strictly thinkable that every human does have exactley one life - not one more, but not one less, too. So everybody has to take notice about the true circumstances of the real life in a realistic way and come to a human friendly way for himself - and others, too, of course.
By the way: Peaceful central persons of religions shouldn`t be misused for any open or underlying call for violence, revenge or any bloody action.
(It is simply a question of reliable interpretation, which should be a matter of course.)
Remark @ Mr. Ahmadinejad, Iran: I would be thankful - and not me only, I am sure) for your statement in the sence presented above, best in shortest possible time. I do not really be sure that it is promising to ask you for. But the world was surprised severel times by your flexible interpretations - why not in this urgent case, it could save unrecoverable human lifes? (It is maybe too unsurely for Israel to stop their military action after beeing fired with rockets for a longer time by the Hamas.)

December 26th, 2008
The second very interesting article - here interview - in the german news magazine "Der Spiegel" in short time: 'My Dream Is to Create a United Religious Nations' with rabbi Yona Metzger. (Link to interview in german language)
Some personal remarks to the religious leaders, authorities and persons in charge: Please do not hesitance to use your telephones, emails and to arrange meetings if it is helpful for peace on this earth. For example - and as it seems urgent - in the middle east conflict represented by the Hamas organization and Israel.
Special remark to the president of the Iran, Mr. Ahmadinejad: You published a Christmas Message and declared: "If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would fight against the tyrannical policies of prevailing global economic and political systems, as He did in His lifetime."
So my first remark is that I am a friend of inter-religious understanding and communication. Please see my webpage www.2cj.net including my remarks to Mr. Vivecananda.
My second remark is that I can imagine very strongly that Jesus, if he would be in your position today, would speak some friendly and urgent - maybe public - words to those, who had just installed fully functional rockets (source2, german language) with already activated time fuses in the Lebanon with targets in Israel just in these critical hours for the peace in the middle east.
I believe that peace on earth often does need more than one father and mother - so I do hope of a good decision of personally you, not only - but surely too.
(This text was sent additionally to some selected recipients.)

December 12th, 2008
An article in the german news magazine "Der Spiegel" by an islam-journalist: "The Muslims must stand up against terror" which asks "How many innocent people must die in the name of the Islam before Muslim leaders and countries initiate effective steps to counter those madman who want to destroy us with their nihilistic cult?" and remarks "The terrorists will continue to act in our name - until we speak for us. This is no time for silence. Enough is enough!" Thanks to the author Aijaz Zaka Syed.

November 5th, 2008
A message by Avaaz.org to Mr. Obama as the next president of the USA. (I am no member of Avaaz.org, but their statements often show a way in common interests ....)
 -> Congrats Obama: Let's Do it Together
(-> in german language : Obama: Zusammen für den Wandel!)
My - optional - personal message, sent over Avaaz.org:
" Personal congratulations,
I do hope for healthy international relationships in the spirit of cooperation and a long and wise view in your politics.
Please take care of sensational politics, which often is nothing more than dangerous bullshit.
A good cooperation and dialog with other parties and people, who are not supported by any party at all, would be good, for your country itself, but not only for itself.
All the very best.
E. Kirchhoff "

remark @Russia: I`m wondering about  your attack (in the missiles and missiles -defend-shield question of today. No time to breath, time for conflicts, only?
Do you want to make somebody nervous on that day he is elected since hours, only?
Is it possible that this is more the behavior of a want-to-be-troublemaker than of somebody who is balanced? And: Is that good behavior in your own perception?
The world does need honest and balanced dialogs, no overheated provocations and needless new polarizations. (news in German)

October 28th, 2008:

Dear Americans,

I do write you this letter because of the serious rule of America in the world politics.
First of all: You had - together with others - a big part of the finally unsuccess of the German World War II. Respect and thanks for this. And my special respect to all those victims, you had, too.
Second: Thank you very much for helping Europe to stand against the fascism in Ex-Yugoslavia. Special respect to Mr. Clinton and his wife, who acted in the name of America and in the interest of global peace and the humans in Europe at that time.
Third: I pay my respect to Mr. Neil Young and those who are with him because of their engagement for politics in truth and humanity - including the critical remarks of him about some mistakes that happened. I take it as a honor to recommend his film "Deja Vu", which shows a big spectrum of opinions and not only the opinion of the Blues and Rock Group "Crosby Stills, Nash and Young", but their opinion, too, which is not hidden or comfortable, only, but maybe a true statement on the base of Americas true principles.
Be also assured - without any smallest doubt - that I am still deeply sad about the victims you have had because of that what happened on September 11th, 2001 and was done by fanatics.
The rule of America sometimes is difficult. On one hand many people in world - not at last some which do purport to pertain to the Islam - declare to hate America - but I believe that they ignore - for example - that the help in Yugoslavia (see above) - supported the peace in general and the "intended" victims of genocide - and those were Moslem.
Thank you one more time - not because of I am a Moslem, but I surely are no friend of genocide and believe, that international and personal relations should base on respect for those who differ in their believes, too.
What we need is a culture of common sense and readiness for peace - which of course means not to have a too nervous finger on the trigger. This has to be simply a "No, No" and always has to be the last possibility to act, if no possibility of discussing problems on the base of truth and respect is to realize and you have to stand an acute case of self defense.
The basic epidemic in the global human society is violence in many shades.
So I think we have to distance from violence if other possibilities are realizable. In this context I bag you to rethink the death penalty in your own country. My belief in this question is that death penalty should not be thinkable in every society which is settled.
Of course this is no pleading for death penalty in other cultures, but I think that a society that is settled, does have the possibility to capture criminals - if necessary for the complete rest of his life. So you see - my lines are no unrealistic call as "freedom for everyone including highly criminals" but a serious try to prevent for irreversible unjust and to build an un-discussible difference to those ill-heads who do shoot at that what sometimes is called "soft targets", which means people who have no chance to defend themselves.
   What I bag you for is to build up a common sense which is congruous to that place, America does have in the world community.
Please be awake for that fact, that your democracy and vote is not only important for America itself, but an important fact and signal for the rest of the human society, too.
Thank you for your attention. and may your way be good for you and others.
With greetings from Germany to all Americans - unattached to their "political home" in any political party. I do hope that America does have a good and extended mind before the point of election and afterwards, too and that different political parties do work together in a good and respectable way.

May God bless America - and the rest of the world, too, of course.
(In memento and respect to Mr. Vivecananda and all those, who thought and think like him in the questions of inter-national and inter-cultural, inter-religious, inter-philosophic and inter-science understanding)

Thank you for your attention


Elmar Kirchhoff

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