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There was a time-intersection in relation to my typing at 9:37 of today and the declaration mentioned under "Ferbruary 11th, 2011, 10:30 UTC". 

Maybe I was a little nervous in the last hour (see "...10:30 UTC" ), a process does need time and (!) honest will from all (!) involved parties, we will see what is going on, I hope the very best possible and thinkable.
Now I take time to rearange myself and write something more largely:
As John Lennon said: "Yes maybe that I am a dreamer, but I`m not the only one" in "imagine...", as well as "give peace a chance". And as Otis Taylor (visit commended by me) (1) said: "Live your dreams before you die".
Maybe what they wanted to express sometimes by others is called awareness, but however, the sence is clear and in the sense noteworthily in every case, and one last word: my words and cross references do not include reviewless agreement, it is too hard to put every true and important aspect in only one sentence, in relation to material realitity, science, philosophy, religion and - last not least - human beeing on our small and big globe.

And questions pointing to the everybody in Egypt and -additional - outside of it: Can violent actions and reactions, began from which side ever, been strictly avoided and how.

It has to be, out of my sight, too.
And never forget, the theme is reality, not at least, too.
So emotions do have their right, the thoughts and clearness of brain and mind are absolutely essential, too, to avoid mistakes.
Every (!) human does need basic respect, at very fewest, better some more.

In more easy words, out of the mind of  a professional consulter I once worked as:
No alcohol, no self-inebriation, no fatal mistakes of other kind, at very least not in situations that might be or get dangerous, for others maybe too.

(1) insertion from February 18th, 2011: By the way: That beautiful young woman, that plays bass guitar in the second song of the video on Otis Taylor`s homepage is his daughter Cassie - no question that the enjoy another working together as a trance-blues-team.
Otis Taylor currently is sad about the death of Gary More. I also. 
Who wants to see and hear Gary More in a movie, may look for the birthday-concert at Jack Bruce`s 60th Birthday. Jack Bruce, Gary More and Ginger Baker - and I  believed it would be impossible to see Ginger Bake ever again for decades, because of some heavy mistakes he made in relation to his health. But he drummed there as he was new. (reference: drum solo in "Do what you like").
And Gary More was a respectable "substitute" for Eric Clapton. Cream-sound with G. More-specifics. (!) 
And Jack Bruce played Jack Bruce, of course, what else - a master on the fretless bass guitar.
Here are links to videos of  Otis Taylor, Gary More, in two of the videos together with Jonn Richardsonn, who is a guitar-master, also.
Worth to hear and see, as true as you can read this lines. (predicate: Blues-prooved)
Respect to all mentioned.

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