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/USS_Peleliu.jpg - currently providin Pakistan in the need of the natural desaster
These US-helicopters and the base-ship with total 19 helicopters currently in work in Pakistan to help in relation to the natural desaster.

A helicopter from the Arab Emirates at work in Pakistan.

It surely is a very good supplement to the help of  civil organizations.
In a desaster as big as the one currently in Pakistan every help is welcome - of course the readiness for a good coordination is basicly necessary.
But this is self-evident in face of the need.

I believe that helicopters as big as those on these pictures are absolutely essential for mass transports, but I belive too that currently nearly every kind of helicopter can be used constructively in Pakistan.

I believe too, that maybe air cushion vehicles could work well in Pakistan, but I do not know anything about possibilities to bring them there.

One last word about some helicopters Switzerland just gave to Pakistan and the additional discussion about the valuation that this possibly can be an export of military weapons, which is seen criticaly in Switzerland.
To fit the current need it is not necessary to give helicopters away forever, but to bring them to work in Pakistan for a few month for a clear and civil purpose. Maybe this way is more easy and more effective and more easy to account for.

Created on ... August 23rd, 2010, modified August 29th, 2010