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(If you are in doubt if it is good to publish critical remarks in direction to Israel from Germany, be assured: I am too)

“If he had been quiet, he a least had been called a philosopher”

But maybe there is more than one truth:
- Violence always has to be the last option - called ultima ratio.
- To be quiet in case of untimely dying humans can implicate guilty.
- If a fire is broken out it is better to do something than only think about it.
- A problem can be unfixed or influenced often by looking at both parties - and both parties do have possibilities to influence the problem and situation.
- Critics do not necessarily rest on the fiction to know everything better - they can base on the effort to be more a part of the solution than of the problem, also.

And some personal remarks:
I do not deny what happened in Germany against the humanity of a lot of people in this world - not at least against Jewish people.
But I have to live with this bad truth.

But as I am alive I have to take notice of that what happens in the present, too.

I am no friend of suicide and no friend of suicide-attacs, too.
I do bemoan the victims of suicide-attacs and the people who are misdirected and fooled to commit suicide attacks.

I am sure that it is not possible to forgive what happened in Germany against Jewish humans.

On this base (only!), let me tell you about a joke made by a jewish human: ("I must, I'm a Jew!") - The comedian Oliver Polak: If he comes on stage, he makes his audience an offer: He and the other Jews would forget the thing with the Holocaust, if the audience forgive them Michel Friedman. (who sometimes in the past (!) had hard speeches, only, in Germany, but has got more counterbalancing learning by some personal mistakes.
(Maybe that what he learned is something that can be called "the live and let live rule" - a rule Germany surely had disregarded between 1933 and 1945.) 
is the source for the Oliver Polak-citation in german language.
This text is too sensitive for me to offer a robot translation - if you want one please copy the text and use - but the translation will have some essential mistakes in contend.

An the last word to make me more understandable: I do have a problem to accept that my "ultima ratio" is rigid - even then if I a am not sure about the "one and only  correct way". As  Konrad Lorenz accordingly once said:  "We  do know that there are borders for the human mind. But we do not know  where they  are."
So - if you can not find a better truth in my words you may simply believ: He is too vain to accept anything.

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Created on ... January 5, 2009