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death penalty

A decoupling out of my letter "Dear Americans" from October 28th, 2008:

"The basic epidemic in the global human society is violence in many shades.
So I think we have to distance from violence if other possibilities are realizable. In this context I bag you to rethink the death penalty in your own country. My belief in this question is that death penalty should not be thinkable in every society which is settled.
Of course this is no pleading for death penalty in other cultures, but I think that a society that is settled, does have the possibility to capture criminals - if necessary for the complete rest of his life. So you see - my lines are no unrealistic call as "freedom for everyone including highly criminals" but a serious try to prevent for irreversible unjust and to build an un-discussible difference to those ill-heads who do shoot at that what sometimes is called "soft targets", which means people who have no chance to defend themselves."

The text above is dedicated simply global and is a challenge to every state and every human.
The doom loop of violence works because of the affection to answer violence with more violence has to be inhibited.
But everybody who is looking for cheap victims is warned: This is no (!) call for no justice - so you have to calculate heavy punishment if you belief you do not have to respect the law of good behavior against those who are not so strong as you believe to be.
Private persons, authorities and states have to engage for justice and to hinder violence.

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