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because of the inhuman and needless harm:
Special slide-in in deep sorrow and deep respect to Aung San Suu Kyi,  the voice of Myanmar/Burma/Birma and - even more - all who are with her:
Aung San Suu Kyi
No more misshandling of the population and the imprisoned. (!!!) 
From this second of time: October 5th, 2007  14:35 UTC/GMT !
November 7th, 2007
I wrote a letter personal to General Than Shwe to clear the situation.
A constructive reaction is requested within the next 14 days.
November 06th, 2007
My patience is running out. General Than Shwe does not have time for the U.N.'s envoy to Myanmar Mr. Gambari. There is no public announcement about access of the Red Cross Organisation to the prisoners in Myanmar. So I am ready to take some time for General Than Shwe. 
November 2nd, 2007:
The world was  searching a long time for that man, who is guilty for the evils in the world - the government of myanmar (Burma) just identified him: U.N. Resident Coordinator Charles Petrie (source). And they shut down the internet (source). "New Light of Myanmar" (government mouthpiece, some kind of Radio Absurdistan), works technically excellent at the same time (proof yourself). Will Radio Absurdistan and its government be shut down in the next time? I asked for access of the Red Cross Organisation to the prisoners. If M-government doesn`t choice quality in the next 48 hours, the show will go on with special surprises.
October 25th, 2007:
Hope: Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi meets junta official (source)
Remark: Honesty, only, can be a basis for respect.
October 22nd, 2007:
Vigils (Mahnwachen) at the Nikolai Church in Germany: No violence in Burma more
October 18th, 2007:
Canadian parliament vote to make Myanmar`s Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi honorary citizen  in full consensus (source). A good choice :-) and congratulation. :-)
October 15th, 2007:
Newspaper "New Light of Myanmar":  "It is important for western countries, a bulwark to build" (source). And what about this? Please build a good internal situation in your country without killing, supressing and misshandling and everything would be fine.
October 13th, 2007
Myanmar/Burma/Birma: Four prominent political activists were arrested. source
The world will take notice how these and all other prisoners are treated.
October, 10th, 2007 16:00 UTC+2,
"Myanmar dissident dies under questioning" (source) Is this also the present and future of Myanmar? What about the nameless? Who is responsible for Myanmar?  Please go on reading the Myanmar-topic on this webpage - extremely careful if you, the reader, should be responsible for Myanmar, and begin to try to understand the situation and the consequences for you and your country:
October, 8th, 2007: Better news today than yesterday (some well-placed gestures of the Myanmar-government.) Only in face of the fact that today is that day of counsels in the Security Council of the UNO? But what about a concretization of the Myanmar-government-roadmap for democracy? For example the year of election. And a very simple question: What about the annulment of the house-arrest against Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi ? The basic-question is: Loadable hope for the population of Myanmar ? It would really be in the impartial interest of Myanmar - and a joy for the rest of the world. Your country has had more than enough harm. Stop it seriously - and stop it NOW. (Democraty sometimes is arduous, but the most securest way to prevent the biggest mistakes. And generally it is the best feeling to live. Good luck.)
October 7th, 2007: Latest news of Radio Absurdistan: "Myanmar: Highly armed monks seriously attacked the government. With a lot of luck the military government could save its life." example-source
October, 5th, 2007:
The Security Council of the UNO has declared the Situation in Mynmar/Burma/Birma as "unacceptable and unsustainable" in consensus. (source) It is not only me who agrees. More about this topic here at
!!! basic-remarks to the population and the government of Myanmar !!!

July 17th, 2007
The parents of Sinan Krause appeal to the kidnappers and the german government
(Video predominant in german language)

July 11th, 2007
Mrs. Krause has been released by the kidnappers.
This is reason enough to say "Thank you" to the kidnappers.
It is good to know that Mrs. Krause was not killed.

Mrs. Krause`s son Sinan is still in the hand of the kidnappers.
It  would be a good signal if he would be set free, too, in the very next time.

April 30th, 2007

Hint to the kidnappers of Mrs. Krause and her son.

What or who
allows you
to misshandle a caring mother,
a more than 60 years old lady,
a loving wife
and her son.
her husband,
her relatives
and every warm hearted man?

For you it is ... .

Isn`t it simply
bad behaviour?
In you country,
in you culture,
in your own mind?

Do you know
what the real sence
of karma is?
And what you have to do with it?

Please answer this question
to yourself.

The true (? or ! ?) theory of karma says
that the answer
will be in your life
in any (!) case.

Nothing is without results.
But which behaviour and action
can lead to which result?

A wise man reflects
with care.
And he would release Mrs. Krause and her son.

There is only a small difference
between a wise man
and someboby
who follows
a good advice.

(chinese wisdom)

March 19th, 2007, 13:00 GMT+1

Personal declaration to the kidnappers of Mrs. Krause and her son.

You can be asured that everything, done by our military forces is in principle under democratic and legally binding control. Additional we care about the consequences that may result from their activity in in all respects.
Some misdemeanors in the past - for example in Afghanistan - have been ceased as soon as they were known to the government and the public. Sure a lot of members in our forces - I do hope all - are strived to prohibit any misdemeanor of members of our forces.
You can feel free to send any information about misdemeanor of our forces in Afghanistan to our government, our president ( the Chief Federal Prosecutor ( . Another possibility would be the press in our country (e.g.  If you would prefer to contact a single citizen of Germany, you can contact me.

You are asked to release the victims immediately - and to attend them well till this point of time.

March 11th, 2007, 14:00 GMT+1   (the letter is last supplemented at March 18th)             

(Open) Letter to the kidnappers of two German citizens in the Iraq at Febrary 6th, 2007.

First of all: Whom did you kidnap?

It seems to me that the woman of your hostages is a kind hearted wife and mother, additional a woman who stayed in the Iraq with her family in a difficult time.

More: There is no hint at all that she or anybody of her family are agents for what ever.

No matter for you?

Second question:
What makes you sure that the German army is bombing villages in Afghanistan.

This is something which is surely unbelievable to me. The engagement of Germany is surely not oriented in bombing and terrorizing defenseless people. We are glad about every situation we can be helpful without any violence to other states and countries.
Military use serves civil engagement in dangerous areas and nothing more and sometimes builds a buffer between nervous states.

I cannot remember that Germany has done anything against Afghanistan in the last decades.

Remark two:
But as somebody who worked with people who were ill by drugs for a long time I saw a lot of people who died by taking drugs basing on opium.
In the year 2006 ninty-two per cent of the opium-mass, produced all over the world, came from Afghanistan. (source:UNO) If you notice the poor and sick life and the unbeautiful death of  people who are ill by opium-based drugs - who mostly begin as nearly childs or adolescents - you can not come to the result that the opium-buisiness in Afghanistan is something other than simply anti social.
The consequence for Germany is that we would provide the cultivation of other agriculture products - which of course can not be as profitable as the cultivation of opium.   

“A believer is brother of believers”      
Is there not more truth in the words: “Human is brother of all humans” ?
(please take an additional looks here and at the end of this letter)

And is it not a crime to kidnap and a bigger crime to kill a kind hearted wife and mother (and her son) in all cultures on this world?

And is it not simply true that the best way to handle a mistake is to correct it? - (Without making a new or bigger one.)

Be assured that Germany will provide every peaceful activity in countries that do have no safe constitution in the direction to a good inner constitution and to a respectable member of the world-community of states.

Germany has no more ambitions - since the end of the second world-war - to occupy any other country.

But the constitution of states and countries and the relations between them is one thing - and the behaviour between humans is an additional noteworthy, too.
Let me say that the contitution of your hostages doesn`t seem to be good. I believe something you should reform - I bag you to.

And please - release them in the very next time.

One last remar to your predication "“A believer is brother of believers”:  

Because of the violence in the Iraq - and Afghanistan, too, of course - let me say one thing very clearly: The best situation I can imagine would be a good inner constitution in your countries and a good relationship to the other countries in the world. It would be a more peaceful world if nobody would claime the right of violence as a (pseudo-) solution of any problem for himself.
Of course there must be possibilities for jurisdiction. But the avoidance of violence (example: death penalty) would be a better base for a peaceful society than any other rule. Of course this remark is not dedicated to the two accosted countries only, but to all countries. It is simply the answer to the question for respect in the face of human life.
This is the true challenge of social life for all of us - if you want you can call it the brotherhood of man.

Internet-home of this letter - which maybe will be supplemented or modified - is or
A text-only version is reachable directly over

Elmar Kirchhoff

A word exists
everybody can use
as ruel of life: