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Mr. Vivekanada visited for example 1893 the world exposition in Chikago and was very happy and hopeful about the telegraphy and the resulting inter-national and inter-cultural enlivenment potential. 

So everything that is done by me in politics - for example with this website - is inspirated by him. 

More - Mr. Vivekanda is - out of my sight - the best interpret of the "Yoga-grand-father" Patanjali and of the different Yoga-disciplines. 

I suggest to read the books rublished under his name but written by his pupils - as far as I know.

First you can take a look at

Added at November  9th, 2008: 
Mr. Vivecananda also said something about inter-personal understanding by interpreting - for example the yoga dicpline Bhatki Yoga.
Basic yoga statements are "soft stimuli strengthen the energy of life, strong distroy it" or "continues engagement is more successfull than short sensations".
So Yoga is much more than only Hartha Yoga or  Kundalini-Yoga which were popular in the western world, too, from time to time. 
For example Raja-Yoga points at the dicipline of the spirit. 
The question in politics in the dicipline of  Raja  Yoga is for example - as my own opinion - "for which life and for what worths do you want to engage yourself" beneath "what is true, what is illusion" and of course "what is pesponsible".

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