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Created on: April 5th, 2022

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War against the Ukraine in the Ukraine:

First I donated money to a humanitarian organization. By thinking it over I suspected that a more specific help would probably be even better. Then I found the "help-page" of the Ukraine-Embassy in Berlin, Germany. (Ukrainian and German, only)


And I repeated the donation to them - they surely know best which their biggest need is - depending on the current circumstances.

The text below is a translation of a text in German taken from
https://germany.mfa.gov.ua/de/news/hilfe-fur-die-ukraine-sonderkonto-der-botschaft at May 4th, 2022 00:47 CEST. There you can find a link to a Ukrainian copy, too.




Help for Ukraine: special account of the embassy

Published on 24 March 2022 year 18:52

For convenience and improved coordination, our embassy has opened a special account with a German bank to raise funds for Ukraine's most acute and urgent needs during the ongoing war against us.

Through the coordination of the embassy, the funds received are distributed selectively for the effective protection of Ukraine.


Bank details:

Account holder: Botschaft der Ukraine

IBAN: DE85 1004 0000 0266 7475 10


Purpose: Hilfe für die Ukraine


Let's win together!

Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukraine!




I put in the declarations for „Account holder“ (Embassy of Ukraine) and „Purpose“ (Help for Ukraine) above in German - as provided by the embassy - to prevent any conceivable problem, for example by electronic data processing.

But probably using the terms in English would also work - if you prefer that version. I briefly tried to find other embassy accounts but had no success. The transfer from abroad to an account in Germany should work without any problems.


These are the account- and transfer-declarations in German, as provided by the UKR-Embassy in DE-Berlin:

Kontoinhaber: Botschaft der Ukraine

IBAN: DE85 1004 0000 0266 7475 10


Verwendungszweck: Hilfe für die Ukraine





The translation to English on this page was made with https://translate.google.com

The bank is the "Commerzbank" in DE-Frankfurt.

To ensure the correctness of the IBAN, you can take it from https://germany.mfa.gov.ua/de/news/hilfe-fur-die-ukraine-sonderkonto-der-botschaft. My website is not very secure in technical relation, the embassy has a more secure website, the link has to begin with "https".


If you are looking for a more classic humanitarian aid you can donate, for example, via https://www.aktion-deutschland-hilft.de/de/spenden ("Ukraine"-Help currently is prefilled).



(The following text was first written in German and then translated with google. I hope it is good enough to understand


Please also consider that donations are also a way to overcome your own powerlessness, to become "effective" and thus to counteract the poison's permanent feelings of powerlessness with its traumatizing potential.

Here's a word for those who live on a tight budget or even at the subsistence level: Even small donations are effective in the previous sense, as well as the moral support felt by the recipient.


Of course, donations also have an objective factor in their economic effectiveness. But here, too, the tip: How expensive is it to effectively defend an individual or a square meter "at home" or to provide effective first aid to a refugee.


Answering these questions should not only be delegated to "competent bodies" or "government bodies" - the politically enlightened and responsible individual is also asked here.


Of course, those who have large financial resources can also swing the "big hammer" when donating - but here too the question of the most targeted help possible must be answered. I would like to point out that before the Russian troops invaded Ukraine, everything that was needed to supply the population was available. I don't think it's unreasonable to think about restoring and maintaining this state of affairs.